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Country Quicksteppers
Club Info
  • 1993 Learned Slappin',leather at Billy Bob's Ft. Worth TX
  • 1995 Intermediate dancer at Neil & Charlotte's Swiss Park Lessons
  • 1996 Self Taught in .html & graphics software to publish/share
    copyrighted files at
  • 1997 "Internet Lady" to those reading published lesson, social &
    event experiences; archived links found on Google search
  • 2003-2007 Hosted socials & taught at Saratoga Senior Center
  • Present Teaching & hosting 2nd Saturday Social dances at
    Westhope Church, Saratoga
  • You might be surprised to know: After 20 years of plane trips to 3
    events a year, she's content to sit at her computer surfing
    "choreographer dance buzz" on Facebook looking for her next teach.
  • 1961 Met at San Jose City College and danced whenever possible
  • 2001 The couple began teaching Wednesday Line Dance classes at
    their church.  Mike started teaching at Southside Senior Center
  • 2003 First Official Dancin' Shamrock Outreach Performance.  Milke
    started teaching at Cupertino Senior Center
  • 2006 Began hosting Line dance Saturday night at Hyde Middle School in
  • 2008 Began DJ duties for Quicksteppers
  • You might be surpirsed to know: Over a span of 15 years Mike and two
    friends built softball fields that are still being used today.  Mike served 20
    years in the US Navy.
  • 1990 By chance saw a country dance program on TV and learned s
    few dance.  That is where Evelyn learned Tush Push
  • 1990 Took classes from Don and Corrine Wright in Palo Alto
  • 1990 Ventured out to Boots 'n' Buckles dances
  • 1991 Started teaching Don Wrights class in Palo Alto
  • 2005 Married Denny Harris (he knew she was a line dance teacher
    & DJ but married her anyway!)
  • You might be surprised to know: Evelyn has lived in California her
    entire life. Denny is from upstate NY (but Evelyn married him
    anyway!)  Evelyn was a Human Resource Director in her real life for
    45 years.  Denny is a US Marine serving from 1961-1970
  • Eveybody knows: Evelyn choreographed one of QS's favorite
    dances: Silk and Satin.  Evelyn has taught internationally and
    choreographed 33 popular dances.  Denny has choreographed a
    couple as well
  • 1992 Birth of her granddaughter marks the start of her dancing life.
    First treachers" Nei Hale & Charlotte Skeeters, Alice Marez
  • 2010 Encouraged by Alice to teach her own class.  Her class
    became so large she moved to the "big" room.  Took over Ruth
    Baratta classes
  • 2009 Started going on cruises with Millie Dusha
  • You would be surprised to know: She adapts some dances for
    "chair dancers"
  • Where you can find her teaching: Hayward Senior Center, Baywood
    Community Center
  • Is dancing her life?  You be the judge: Monday: teaches 2x
    Monday night: G. Clayton class. Wednesday: Alice class. Friday:
    teach. Friday night: often dance. Saturday night: almost always.
    Sunday afternoon: occasionally
  • Started dancing tap at 4 years of age and trained in Ballet, Folk, Ballroom and
    Square Dance
  • 2003 Began line dancing at Cadillac Ranch in Concord and was invited to join
    the Benicia Clock Tower Class soon after.  First teachers "Hutch and Carmel
  • 2008 Joined Country Hustlers
  • 2010 Became instructor for Benicia Clock Tower
  • 2010 Began DJ duties for Country Hustlers and Cactus Corners
  • 2017 Joined Quicksteppers
  • 2017 Became a regular DJ at Quicksteppers dances
  • 2016 Won New Choreography Competition (beginning division) for her dance
    "Run with the Scissors" at the Vegas Dance Explosion
  • 2018 Guest instructor for Boogie 'Til the Cows Come Home. Taught "Cracklin'
  • You will be surprised to know: Susan owned and operated a dance studio
    and costume shop.  She also loves performing in community theater
  • You won't be surprised to know: Sparkles has a huge costume collection
    and loves to make costumes
  • Late 1980's Started taking line dance lessons from Nora Wilt in Livermore.  
    Started as instructor of Cactus Corners demo team
  • 1990's Took over Nora's classes and started DJ-ing
  • You might not be surprised to know: Gary prefers country music
  • Cowboy Hat: Gary is rarely seen without his hat!
  • Choreography Hat: Gary and his partner Charyle Hartje have written around
    24 dances
  • Some of his popular dances: Paralyzed; Heaven's Just A Sin Away; Hey
    Good Lookin', Just Us; Magic Changes; Stepping Back To Country
  • Interesting to know: Gary loves dogs and his dogs are always amazingly
    well-behaved.  Gary is the original/only DJ for the Boots n Buckles Annual
    Bay Area Line Dance Connection.  It has been going on for 7 years - it would
    not be the same without him.
  • Gary still teaches in Hayward, Pleasanton and Livermore
  • 1991 or so Bumped into friends while on a walk who invited them to
    go to a party night at Mike and Norene Gural's dance class
  • 1993 Started going to Quicksteppers within two weeks of starting
  • 2001 Jeanette and Bernie began teaching
  • Present day: Jeanette serves as treasurer on the QS board
  • You might be interested to know: Bernie has a twin brother names
    Ron (editorial note: scary to think about two Bernies running around)
  • You can find them teaching at: Jeannette - San Brno Senior Center
    and Daly City Park & Rec.  Bernie - Peninsula Del Rey Senior Home
  • 1994 Met through friends
  • 1995 Started dancing Ballroom and danced for 10 years until dance friends
    persuaded them to try line dance
  • 2005 Evelyn Khinoo was their first dance teacher
  • 2006 Joined Quicksteppers
  • 2007 Turning point came when dance instructor John Bowen asked Cathy to
    take over his classes in Redwood City.  Later Evelyn would ask Cathy to take
    over a class of her's
  • 2010 Cathy began teaching the class she was a beginner in only a few years
    earlier!  Things had gone full circle!
  • 2017 Won New Choreography Competition (beginner division) for her dance
    "The Night Time" at the Vegas Dance Explosion.  The prize is a teaching spot
    for the event in November 2018
  • You might be surprised to know: Cathy is not really fond of Country and
    Western music.  Cathy was a mail carrier in San Mateo/Claudio was a PG&E
    meter reader working in the same neighborhood years before they met!
  • 1973-1975 Avid folk dancer in free time while raising a family and
    attending graduate school.  Dancing came to a halt when she got
    a full time job
  • 1975-2000 Had an intense but interesting public sector career
    which included working for several elected officials and
    government agencies.  Retired from the city and county of San
    Francisco in 2000
  • 200-2015 Alas, retirement only lasted 3 months!  Accepted a
    position in her husband's office that was supposed to last 5 years
    -- how time flies -- 15 years later she retired
  • March 2015 Found her passion at the Berkeley Senior Center.  
    Attended Vegas Dance Explosion and was hooked
  • 2017 Was asked to lead the Berkley dance class and jumped in
    with both feet -- and the rest is history